Top 4 GPS Trackers for Motorcycles

GPS Tracker for Motorcycle

Nothing beats the thrill of riding your motorcycle down the highway. Motorcycles can get into places other vehicles cannot. They have great fuel economy. It just feels great riding them in the open air. This list of great things about motorcycles can go on and on. However, the same great things that make them great also make them prime targets for thieves. There is nothing standing in the way between a potential thief and your motorcycle’s ignition. Fortunately, you can use a GPS tracker if the unthinkable happens.

What is GPS Tracking?

GPS tracking gives you the accurate location of your bike. They are user-friendly and work with every motorcycle on the market. Tracking devices use GPS to quickly record their locations and then wirelessly transmit that location to your mobile device, through a central server, at regular intervals. This information includes the location along with the motorcycle’s speed and direction of travel.

Benefits of GPS Tracking

While adding a GPS tracking system to your motorcycle might seem like an unnecessary expense to some, there are a number of advantages to having one.

  • Insurance benefits – Many insurance firms will lower your coverage rates if you have one.
  • Easily available – You can find motorcycle GPS tracking systems wherever you buy GPS devices and other motorcycle accessories.
  • Safety and Theft Prevention – GPS trackers allow you and law enforcement agencies to find your motorcycle quickly if a thief steals it.
  • Improved maintenance – A GPS tracker will tell you when to bring your motorcycle in for servicing.

The Top 4 Motorcycle GPS Trackers

To get you started, here are the top four motorcycle GPS trackers on the market.

TrackmateGPS HYDRO

Trackmate Hydro GPS TrackerThis 5-ounce, waterproof GPS tracker requires a GSM network to function but is otherwise one of the highest rated trackers on Amazon. You just place it somewhere on your bike, insert the batteries, and you are good to go. There is no visible antenna on it either. You can hide it anywhere for added security.

The TrackmateGPS HYDRO continuously tracks your motorcycle’s position, but will only transmit this information to the receiver by request. The trackers can then display your motorcycle’s exact geographical coordinates, a speed, violation of set fences, and more.

AES RGT90 GPS Tracker SMS Locator

AES RGT90 GPS Tracker SMS LocatorThe AES RGT90 GPS Tracker SMS Locator has a 2.5-meter accuracy range and an inactive wireless SIM card pre-installed. This SIM card runs pre-paid, requiring you to pay $10 every 3 months to use the tracker. Fortunately, your first 6 months are included in the purchase price. However, the included SIM card only works with U. S. cellular networks. You should replace the SIM with a local one if you plan on using the tracker outside of the United States. Either way, you attach the device to your motorcycle with the tracker’s magnetic base.

While you must pay to use it, the tracker does not work automatically. You need to call the devices attached phone number to know where the tracker and motorcycle’s current location. The tracker will then reply with a text message with a Google Maps link with the information.

Still, the RGT90 is the best pre-paid GPS tracker on the market. You get all the information you need when you need it with no hidden additional charges.

Racelogic VBox Sport

Racelogic VBox SportWhile you can hide other trackers where you want them, the VBOX Sport was made for motorcycles.  The waterproof, palm-sized unit sits snuggle to your handlebars, measuring the bikes acceleration, braking, and handling performance with the same precisions you see in motorcycle magazines.

More of a professional-grade GPS data logger than a tracker, the Racelogic VBox Sport saves its data to a removable SD card you can insert into a Windows PC to analyze later. You can also link the device to your iPhone via Bluetooth for use with the Racelogic Performance Test and Laptimer apps. Both apps provide insights for improving racing motorcycle performance. This is great, but they may not be what you need for normal, every-day riding.

Regardless, you must install the VboxSport face up to give the internal antenna a clear view of the sky. If you need it, you can buy a handlebar mount (about $20 extra), that will let you attach the device to your handlebars, provided your motorcycle can use it. However, you might get better performance  out of the included Velcro mount that lets you attach the tracker to your seat or fuel tank.

ATian GPS Tracker 303F

ATian GPS Tracker 303FWhile not the best tracker on the market, the ATian 303F GPS Tracker has everything you need to track your motorcycle. The smartphone-sized, waterproof device sits snugly to any surface with its docking harness. The harness does not attach magnetically to your vehicle,though. You must screw it in place. However, it does come with its own screwdriver in case you need to make a few quick adjustments.

The tracker itself connects to the harness through a 12-pin connector. While this makes for an easy setup, it does leave all the wires exposed. You can easily pull or rip a wire out of its socket if you are not careful.

Still, you can get passed the hardware downsides, the 303F is a good tracker for any tracking need. It uses the standard cellular networks to reach your mobile app to give you all the information you expect from a tracker.

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  • keith says:

    Did you even look at these products or companies?

    Liked the look of the Trackmate system. On their website, they send you to Amazon, to buy but the products are ‘unavailable’.

    Try calling the company. If you can get anyone to answer, good luck. Finally got someone to answer. Sounded like someone working in their kitchen. Answered the phone “hello” with no company announcement. Wanted to talk to a sales person but he only takes calls on Thursdays…..

    Sounds like a flaky fly-by-night company regardless of how good their web site looks.

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